Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Report for January

First project report of 2013.

Finished TWO items in January!  So exciting.  And already reported on, of course: Santa and Eeyore sweatshirt.

Also on the "done" pile, but not counting as projects...

Mending of the gray trousers.  Methinks they turned out quite spiffy, nicely fitting in the hips to match their well-fitting waist.

And mending of the Columbia jacket.  Velcro came out rather well.  Don't mind the color difference between the gray (original) and black.  After a week of wear, the hand-stitched velcro seems to be holding up.  Good deal.

Completed projects this Month:  2
Completed projects Year to Date:  2
New projects this Month:  0
New projects Year to Date: 0
Discarded/donated projects (farewell!): 0
Net Project Count for 2012: -2

Off to a good start.  New projects are calling me, but I am working diligently on the many UFOs and WIPs.

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