Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nancy Drew fabric has arrived

As the button on my blog attests, I am a participant in the upcoming "Nancy Drew is a Clue" blog hop coming up in March.  My job is to make something featuring the Get a Clue with Nancy Drew fabric line from Moda.  And then blog about it.  Only a few short weeks away - aack!

My Nancy Drew fabrics finally arrived this weekend, and I am excited to get started.  I really wanted to drive up to Portland (nearest store I could find that had it) and see the selection in person, but it really wasn't worth the gas and time it would take me, so I ordered a charm pack and a panel online.  Had no idea what to expect, as I have never used a charm pack before.  Also, I really couldn't tell the size/scale of some of the prints.  (And this will be important in my finished creation.)

Starting to look for a patchwork scheme
Can't possibly use all these charms

And here's part of the panel: six classic book covers.  About 14" tall and 9" wide, per book. 

Can't you just see a tote bag (or two) out of this fabric?

Well, I'm not supposed to give away my Nancy Drew idea until the official unveiling.  Just know that I will be busy sewing away behind the scenes, and may end up abandoning any work on other projects in order to meet the deadline.  (I know my propensity to finish things at the last possible minute.  Just add in a dash of perfectionism, and my painfully slow speed at sewing, and it's a slam dunk.)

Check back in March for the final product!

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  1. I'm sure your Nancy Drew project will be amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you create :*)