Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BlogLand Travels

Been hopping around the blog-o-sphere lately.  Just want to keep track of where I've been and what thoughts occurred to me as I was here-and-there.

Cat Patches: home of the NewFO 2013 challenge.  I really resonated with her post about "feeling let down after finishing a project".  I totally get that!  The mental focus goes away, and my ADD brain is casting about for something else to fixate upon.  (Fortunately, this is not my current problem, as Nancy Drew is taking up all my spare brain-circuit time.)

In that same posting, she showed a picture of a Crabapple Hill Studio pattern: Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage
Wow, never thought I could love something with such muted colors!  And so much embroidery!  (And when was the last time I embroidered anything?)  What am I doing looking at this--am I crazy to even gaze at it for ten seconds longer?  Well, suffice it to say that this pattern strikes my fancy in a most unusual way.

Never Too Hot to Stitch: home of the 2013 Year of the Finished Project linky party.  I like her rules for finishing projects in 2013.  And the fact that she lets those participating set their own version of the rules.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with what I have currently bitten off, and wanting to make lists or create some sort of order to my projects.  This might be just what I've been looking for.

Sew Many Ways: home of the Sew Darn Crafty weekly linky party.  I probably won't be a linker-upper, because the volume of links is a little overwhelming.  (ADD means knowing when to limit exposure to sensory overload; it's why I don't go over to visit Pinterest.)  But I do like that she has lots of places to explore: crafty stuff, organizing stuff, sewing stuff.  Things that are right up my alley.

Sew BitterSweet Designs: home of A Lovely Year of Finishes linky party.  This one takes the "I'm committing to finishing something this month" idea and breaks it up into smaller pieces.  Three blog posts a month: setting the goal for the upcoming month; checking in on progress toward the goal; and having a finishing "party" at the end of the month.  I like this idea.  Maybe I'll try it (in March? Not sure yet).

Can you tell I'm all about trying to get some things finished up?

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