Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nancy Drew - says who?


Does this count as a new project?  I signed up for a blog hop that will happen in January.  The challenge is to design and make something featuring Moda's new "Get a clue Nancy Drew" fabric line.  I don't have any fabric yet, or a real pattern (but I do have ideas!)  New project-- yes or no?
My mind is a bit like a terrier: when I get ahold of an idea, I sometimes just can't let go.  So... on the verge of finishing several different long-term projects, and drooling at the thought of starting the rainbow t-shirt quilt, I am still idly casting about for the next project that will occupy my wandering mind, give the background processes of my brain something to do in between teaching algebra to the undermotivated. 

Is this an ADD trait?  I don't know; I just know that ideas tend to fixate me.

So, all week I have been thrashing around the possibilities of what I might do with this new Nancy Drew fabric.  Mind you, all I have to go on are the pictures of it online.  I really want to touch it in real life before I make a commitment to a project: how big are the silhouette images? how bright are those colors?

And, now that I have signed up for the blog hop, I am committed to having something finished to show off in January.  I also think I can't share too much of my process in my blog, lest I ruin the surprise of the big reveal on my designated day.

Well, darn.  Isn't talking about (and obsessing about) the process one of my purposes in blogging?  I am an endless processor.  The analytical portion of my brain is seriously over-developed (one of my biggest flaws, I'm sure).

Aack!  What to share?  What to withhold?
And... what exactly am I going to make to fulfill this challenge?

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