Saturday, December 22, 2012

Topstitch/Edgestitch Revisited

cute embroidery scissors!
As promised, I spent some quality football-watching time (it's college bowl season!) removing the non-tear-away stabilizer from tiny topstitched triangles of fabric.  I used embroidery scissors, and tried to be very careful, but it was not an easy feat.

In fact, due to the eight different times I sliced through my stitching, I felt the need to re-sew several of the pieces.  And I chose to go back to using paper towel for this stabilizing.  And it didn't work out so bad... Maybe I was too hasty in my previous post, embracing a stabilizer you had to cut away instead of tear.
Paper towel as stabilizer: not so bad...

So here's my new recommendation: paper towel works good enough as a stabilizer.  And actually tears away from the stitching when you're done, leaving a clean edge stitch.
Edge-stitched triangles in position for the next step

Can I finish the baby quilt borders now?  Soon.

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