Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December = new projects?

What is it about the month of December?  I feel compelled to start new projects--presumably to be given as gifts this month--along with all the other really busy things already happening this time of year.

Am I really going to do any of this?  Who can talk some sense into me?

Here's the list of craziness:
Scottie print: so cute!
 1)  New napkins for the dinner table, in a color more in line with our holiday placemats and decorations.  (Not-so-crazy, you say?  Ah, dear reader, you overestimate my speed.)  The clincher on this ill-fated idea is to get said napkins done before Sweetie's mom comes to visit later this week.  Not like I have anything else to do between now and then... right?

Ok, we can cross this one off - too much left to do

2)  A small knit something-cute (don't want to spoil the potential surprise here) for my nieces in New Mexico.  I thought I was almost done with two of them.  But it doesn't appear that way, so maybe this will be easier to abandon as an idea.  The first one is almost done with the knitting portion, but the pattern has lots of tedious hand-finishing and add-on detail work (and I'm no fan of the hand-sewing required to replace a button, or pretty much anything else).  But I have two nieces...

Hourglass blocks (c) Cluck Cluck Sew

3)  A stocking!!!  I have already talked myself out of re-making stockings for our home mantel (no way that project would be done in time), but I saw this cute tutorial for making a lined stocking with a cuff on Cluck Cluck Sew and I got to thinking about the White Elephant gift exchange at Book Club every year, and how I just wanted to give a gift card, but wouldn't this be a fabulous "wrapping" for said gift card, especially if the hourglass blocks were done in classy colors, like white and gold (or silver)?  Whew.  Clearly, my mind is running away with me here.  If--and I really mean IF--a stocking is an idea for Book Club, it won't be a carefully pieced work of art, it will be a clever wrapping.  Make it with a "work of art" piece of fabric, and lessen the sewing burden!

4)  Santa doll(s)... More on this later, I've got some napkins to cut out.  Maybe.

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