Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finish it up Friday

Favorite blocks in my newest "finish"
Found a new blog, Crazy Mom Quilts, that seems to do a regular linky party of a place to show off that week's "finish".  The title alone got me inspired to get in my sewing room and make some progress!

Kaufman quilter's linen
Finished a back for my queen-size stack-n-whack, the top of which has been sitting at the quilter's since mid-September.  I didn't like the fabric I originally bought for the back (bought online--the color didn't play well with the front), so my mom helped me pick out a medium turquoise "quilter's linen" from Robert Kaufman.  Only problem was, I didn't buy enough.  (Apparently, the same amount of fabric will not go from twin-size back to queen-size back.  Go figure.  I mean, I'm a math teacher, shouldn't I have been able to make that connection?)

No big deal, thought I, I'll just piece some sort of medallion for the back, so I won't need to go get more fabric.  I have loved the way this companion medallion idea plays out in many of the modern quilts over at Elizabeth Hartman's blog, Oh Fransson!

Inspiration: hexagons (as the quilt top has stack-n-whack hexie medallions), as seen in this issue of McCall's Quilting (October, 2008).  I can complicate anything, so this quick-piecing project took far longer than it might have in anyone else's hands.

 But it's done!  Finished.  Off to the quilter, where it will join with the top in beautiful harmony.
This might end up being a reversible quilt, I like the back so much.

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