Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stack-n-whack top *done*

I feel so good!  Finished the top of a stack-n-whack quilt for my bed.  Have been working on this since November of 2010, and want to tell the whole story of this quilt, but I should save that for when it's really done done.  (As in, ready-to-put-on-my-cozy-bed.)
For now, a couple pictures: sawtooth border on the bottom.  Took me many months of should-I? shouldn't-I? to decide whether to square that off or not.
View from the pillow-end.  I added some 120-degree diamonds to the borders.  Was initially going to put in flying geese there, but I found some leftover stacked pieces. 

I am meeting with a custom quilter this week to make plans for getting it done.  I've never had a project custom quilted before, and I'm a little intimidated by trying to decide what to ask for.  Fortunately, she's a pro who can add her thoughtful artistry to my handiwork.

I can't wait!!

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