Monday, November 12, 2012

Project report for September & October

Sadly, nothing significant to report.  At least, not from the done done category of fabric or crafty projects.

Two whole months.  Where does the time go?

More words got completed on the "Word Play" -inspired wallhanging project.  (Thank you, Tonya Ricucci, for your kind blog comment.  I will be sure and send you a picture of the completed wallhanging.  It thrilled me to have a celebrity comment on my little ol' blog.)

Started a new 12-month BOTM (buck-a-block), without having finished last year's buck-a-block baby quilts (need more practice on the machine quilting).

I have restrained myself in the new project arena, however.  I'm patiently waiting to cut into the fabric for the much-dreamed-about rainbow t-shirt quilt until I have one more project out of the way.  And I have ignored the fabulous ideas I keep seeing on "Sewing with Nancy".  And there's this oh-so-cute crochet tote to be made from t-shirts that I feel tugging on my sleeve whenever I look in a particular drawer.  And...

So here's the updated count:
Completed projects this Month:  0
Completed projects Year to Date:  12
New projects this Month:  1
New projects Year to Date: 12
Discarded/donated projects (farewell!): 8
Net Project Count for 2012: -8
Thank goodness the "donated" column has kept me out of hot water this year.

Reminder: the New Year's resolution was to have less stuffThat's all.  No saving the world in the process.

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