Monday, November 19, 2012

Show & Tell

One of my favorite things about blogging, and getting together with other quilters, is showing off my work, and seeing other peoples' projects.  I love the variety of how the same pattern can look so different with alternate fabric choices.

So it was my pleasure to show off the "almost finished" baby quilt top from half of last year's buck-a-block blocks.
I am so pleased with the green(er) turquoise my friend Dwynn helped me pick out for the sashing.  And Sweetie helped with choosing the appropriate yellow for the stars.  Not your typical or simple sashing, but now I have a dilemma:

What to do about the fact that the stars extend out into the next border? 

The pattern sheet shows a narrow border that is segmented off to finish all the stars, and then a second wider border.

Well, the darn thing is already as big as I want to make it (I have a piece of batting I want to be able to use here).  Plus, I don't relish making a border that will have to make room for 28 more half-square triangles, as the amount of time I spent on the sashing already seems like too much.  What more do you want from me, little quilt?

Ok, enough whining.  I am putting my brainpower to work on this.  Two goals:
  1. Narrow border
  2. Somehow get those star points to happen without endless piecing
Off I go, into fits of creative problem solving!  Almost finished.  Almost.

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