Friday, August 19, 2011

Last of the Value Village alterations

Recall: 4th of July sale at Value Village.  I bought black pants for work.  Black *wow* pants for going out.  Two blouses (going out) and a tunic (work).  Dansko sandals. (score!)  Six items.  Of these, four needed some sort of alteration in order to be wearable.  The sandals were the easiest: I took them to the Shoe Doctor, who got them back to me in less than a week.  I have already mentioned the sleeves on the tunic: Sweetie talked me into keeping things simple and just removing, not adding.

Today I completed the sleeve hem on the other blouse, and fixed the belt-loop situation on the smokin' hot black pants.
Before: too-tight band with ugly ruffle
In the vein of "keep it simple", I was just trying to put a hem on the sleeve.  But, once the lower band had been removed, it was a fluttery mess.  I severely shortened it into more of a cap sleeve, then hemmed.  Darn slippery fabric it was.  The black pants had a decorative fabric belt in the front only, and no belt-loops in the back.  I removed belt at the side seams and chopped a bit of it up to make into belt-loops.  Yay, it's now wearable.
After: can you see the belt-loop?  I made that!

Now I just need an occasion for this cute little outfit.  I was so excited by my progress that I treated myself to another Value Village visit; and this time I wouldn't even consider buying anything that needed work.

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