Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garage Sale: $415

Spent a large portion of the past week getting ready for the garage sale.  Culmination of all the summer's decluttering.  All of Friday was pricing, placing and cleaning the stuff merchandise.  One day sale was Saturday.  Made decent money, mostly selling small-ticket items (some of which surprised me: old basketball hoop, sad skateboard). 

The miracle occurred *after* the sale was over.  We didn't sell out.  Didn't even come close.  Some truly "valuable" items didn't sell; ditto with some "useful" items.  (A dozen wineglasses, still in their box.  Brand new king-size sheets.  Myriad of unburned scented candles.)  There was a yard full of stuff: what to do with it all?  Well, I would have thrown it back in the garage to go through and portion out later.  End of a long, hot day; who wants to deal with all the stuff?

Fortunately, I was saved from myself by Sweetie and her pickup truck.  I was allowed to "rescue" one small box full of items (no bigger than a shoebox), and the rest went into the truck.  That truck was FULL.  Drove straight to Goodwill, and it's all now gone.

I feel lighter.  So much less stuff to think about, obsess over, have to clean or store or repair or trip over.  And the Born Organized person sitting next to me in the pew says, "Time to get back in those closets and start saving up for next garage sale."  Aargh!

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