Monday, August 15, 2011

Fleece Booties in August

Sewing fleece in August... Never tried it before, and perhaps now I know why.  I cut out a pair of fleece booties last November, when Sweetie was learning to sew fleece pants.  For whatever reason, I didn't get around to sewing them together.

Well, it's anti-procrastination week in my sewing room, so I'm trying to work on the long-neglected.  (Full disclosure: less-than-a-year doesn't really count as "long neglected" in my sewing pile, but you get the idea.)  Thought to myself, "It's a Monday morning, I'll just whip these puppies right up."  I don't care how easy a pattern is, I can complicate it, or otherwise make it take waaaay longer than it should to finish.

My complication here was to use the recommended non-skid dot fabric only on the ball of the foot portion of the soles.  I figured that was a safe choice, as my house is almost entirely carpeted.  I therefore needed to interface the fabric sole, and find a way to secure the non-skid to it.  After some experimentation I recommend a walking foot and a zigzag stitch for this.  (Although, by the end of sewing the bootie, my walking foot was getting in the way of the needle--broke 4 of them today.  Sad face.)

Booties are finished.  Won't mention how many hours it took, but it is clearly no longer Monday morning.
I never really thought of myself as an "instant gratification" person, but I'm disappointed to have a newly finished item that will get no use in the foreseeable future.  Would you wear fleece booties in August?  Me neither.  Darn it all.

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