Saturday, July 2, 2011

T-shirt Peek-a-Boo

Finished embellishing a t-shirt, although not in the way I first envisioned.  I have been jonesing to alter t-shirts for at least two months, regardless of the facts: I already own too many t-shirts, I don't tend to wear t-shirts, I have too many WIP's that I should finish first, I'm supposed to be finishing my master's thesis (oh yeah, that), and most altered t-shirt projects are best for the twenty-something crowd (too slash-and-dash).

Well, I think mine is sleek and sophisticated.  Other projects be damned.
 The original idea came from the book "Tease: Inspired T-shirt Transformations" (checked out from my local library).  The shirt featured seven peek-a-boo holes embroidered down the front of a very cute t-shirt.  I had the very-cute-shirt, but didn't think seven holes would work for me.  At the most, four holes was the amount of skin that seemed proper for a woman of my advanced years.  I made a test swatch on a t-shirt rag, and discovered that I didn't like the recommended eyelet stitch shown in the book.  It was just looping the thread around and around to outline the interfacing-reinforced hole.  I made another test swatch and tried buttonhole stitch instead - a much nicer-looking result.  So, thus confidence-boosted, I made the top peek-a-boo hole on the actual shirt.  Hope you'll forgive the size of the image - I was trying to get a close-up of the stitching.
And, after only one hole, I feel like the shirt is complete.  No need for four holes in this one.  It's cute, it's finished, and I'm happy with it.
If I try this method again, I might think about holes on sleeves, or down the back of a t-shirt, or several around a neckline.  Yeah, very cute.

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