Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Went to the Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon yesterday.  My first time; went with buddies from Something to Crow About (my home-away-from-home quilt shop).  At this 35th annual showing, there were over 1,500 quilts on display.  I know we didn't see all of them, but we spent most of the day seeing many, many quilts.  I took 168 pictures (and I am not a picture-taker!)

My favorite quilt?  Too many to narrow it down like that, but here are the top few, with the reasons why...

Tumbling blocks.  A pattern I have always had a fondness for.  When seen from afar, I thought the blocks might have featured photographs, which to me would have made it perfect.  But, the bordered portions of the blocks were fussy-cut from wildlife-themed fabric.  Although the wildlife isn't my cup of tea, I could picture it with another theme: the sea, or "fun with Dick and Jane" type nostalgia prints.
 It may seem like I'm on a wildlife kick here, but really the stag head doesn't inspire me.  Rather, the setting and the way the background geometry and color provide interest.  Maybe a mermaid or Grecian statue in the lower corner?
 OK, maybe this is my favorite from the whole show.  It's got the Mariner's Compass in the center, and extends to a fabulous Lone Star surrounding it.  Plus some Flying Geese, just to keep my geometry-lovin' self really happy.  The colors are not quite my favorite, but definitely very pleasing in this quilt.
 I haven't worked with Asian prints, but am fascinated by them and attracted to them all the same.  (Son's quilt, as it is currently envisioned-but-not-started, is to be black/white/red with Asian prints.)  I really like the slanted borders here.  And the fact that no actual curves are needed to create them means that I can use this idea in one of my quilts.  Bonus!
Another quilt of Asian prints, this time in a design I had not seen before, Shadow Box.  Saw several Shadow Box quilts, but the large rectangles (all the others were squares) as well as the Asian prints made this one stand out for me.

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