Thursday, July 14, 2011

Close, but not quite finished

Here is the quilt for my bed.  I'm excited about my progress, and really want to be able to claim that I'm "almost done".
But really, although I have done much work, and I have 5 beautiful pieced 18-by-77-inch panels sewn together, there is hard work left.  One of my least favorite things is to sew long seams with lots of points to match.  And thus, I am worried that I will find reasons to avoid sewing those 77-inch seams.  What will become of my almost-quilt?  Will it languish?

I attended a Webinar for adults with ADD recently.  The topic was Follow Through.  The facilitator talked about the stages of projects, and how we can enjoy various parts of a process (the dreaming-about-it  and planning-it phases really catch and hold my attention) but stumble somewhere along the way and end up not finishing what we start.  Yep, I know that's me.

I even have to confess that Dear Son's duvet cover is not-quite-finished.  I blogged too soon: I have buttonholes to make and buttons to sew on.  (Guess what I don't like to do?  Buttonholes.  And pretty much anything involving had sewing.)

So, I must be cautious, lest either of these projects cross over from WIP into UFO territory.  One strategy I have used in the past is to sew difficult portions with other people: take my stuff over to a friend's house, or save those tasks for my monthly Stitch-n-Bitch group at Something to Crow About.  Having people around makes me focus less on the distaste I have for a particular step.  I can talk and laugh (and eat!) and distract myself from tedious portions. 

All things go better with friends.

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