Thursday, July 7, 2011

Declutter: how organized people do it?

"Seventy percent of life is maintenance."  - Robert Downey, Jr.

I have spent my hour a day in the Kitchen Zone this week, decluttering bit-by-bit.  This has had its ups and downs, and has yielded very little for the garage sale pile.  Sad face.  But I felt success in the plasticware drawer!  The drawer had become unmanageable, to the point of not being able to close for the past week.  (And, as you can imagine, not being able to find an appropriate container *and* lid when needed.)

Took out every plastic container and matched them all up with lids.  Any container without a lid went into a grocery bag.  Ditto any lid (and there were legion of these) without a container.  Remaining containers were nested when possible, or at least put near similarly-sized containers.  Behold!  A drawer that is only half as full as it was.  Dare I say spacious?

My organized friend applauded my progress, and added a challenge for the next time I do this.  (Next time?  Is that how organized people do it--they come back a month later and go thru it all again?)  In order to keep the plasticware truly organized, as much as possible simplify to just ONE type of product: the Rubbermaid, or the Ziploc, or the Tupperware, or the Snapware, or WalMart whatever.

Wow.  Who'd a thunk it?

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