Friday, July 1, 2011

Declutter: Bathroom Reading Center

Since there was only one day this week in the Dining Room zone (I am following FlyLady's zone plan for my declutter fiesta this summer), I decided not to declutter there.  Instead, I stood in the dining room and thought about a spot I hadn't touched in over a year.  What overlooked drawer or shelf or cupboard could I tackle that would give me almost-instant satisfaction?

Aha! The Bathroom Reading Center.  There is a small three-drawer stand in the bathroom that holds various items.  One drawer had been reserved for reading materials.  How likely was it that this drawer had been emptied out when I moved out of that house?  Did I empty it?  Did anyone else think to look in it?  (See previous declutter post about how a drawer, once assigned a purpose, almost never gets the chance to see a new storage life.)  Nope.  Drawer was full-to-bursting with magazines, newspaper articles, and clippings.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Took the whole pile out of the drawer.  Yay, clean drawer!  Went through the pile in "ruthless purge" mode.  Most magazines were outdated recycle-bin fodder.  A couple magazines went to the garage sale pile.  And a couple articles I saved to read this summer.

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