Friday, March 1, 2013

Starting things in February

Had a sewing date with my dear friend Tree in February.  We had been planning this for quite some time--making fleece pants!  She is not so much of a sewist, so had lots of questions along the way.  She is also a bit of a free spirit - throw away the instruction book - fly by the seat of your pants person.  So not me.  I won't say I can't let go from time to time... but I pin excessively, cut with severe precision, and press the hell out of everything.  I know this about myself:  I have an inner perfectionist.

Thus, I started making fleece pants.  Two pairs.  I think that counts as two projects, doesn't it?
Fleece fabric 1: teddy bears in sweaters!
Fleece fabric 2: pink camo... with sneakers...
(Seriously, who designs fleece fabrics?  I purposely picked ones that I felt were wearable, but all the fleece prints were pretty obnoxious.)

They look done, but need elastic and hem

Not finished, but darn close.  I will be embarrassed if I don't get these finished up in March.

Second start for February is the mystery project for the Nancy Drew Blog Hop coming up quickly in March.  I can't share it yet--and I'm certainly not *done* yet.

Here's my sneak peek.  There's a clue in the picture:

Okay, three newly started projects in February.  I'll report on finishes later, but I am taking time to link up to the NewFO linky party at Cat Patches.  (So decadent to have a place to park the "I'll just start some new projects with no concern for finishing anything."  It's almost guilt-free.)


  1. Good job! The object here isn't to start a lot - I think it is to have fun with no pressure! Love the fleece pants! ~Jeanne

    1. Sometimes I am too severe with myself, trying to finish old projects before starting new ones, but then denying myself the joy of starting something new as a reward. So this feels guilt-free to me. And it was fun to link up.

  2. Oh I'm looking forward to seeing your Nancy Drew piece. I saw that hop announced, but I was at a loss as to what to do for it, and so didn't enter. Maybe that's part of the mystery: What to do? Thanks for linking up today.

    1. The Nancy Drew blog hop sucked me in because I had a project stored way-way back in my mind that needed just the right fabric to be brought into the light. When I saw the Nancy Drew line, I knew it was a perfect fit for my already-gestated idea. I don't work well on deadline, so we'll see if it turns out to have been a good idea or not.

  3. You may not like the print but the pants sure do look cozy! The Nancy Drew mystery quilt looks like a lot of fun. Way to go starting some new projects!

  4. The pants are cute and do look comfy for quilting! I'll look forward to seeing your Nancy Drew mystery piece soon.