Thursday, March 14, 2013

Talk me out of it

Tomorrow is my day to post to the Nancy Drew blog hop.  Of course, I am not done sewing on it yet.  (Of course: how many times did I predict this would happen?)  I don't work well on deadline.  It stresses me out.

And sewing is not the only thing stressing me out right now. *L*I*F*E* has intervened to complicate pretty much everything.  Top of the list for the past 2 weeks: editing on Sweetie's 100+ page Phd dissertation.

But enough of the complaining.  This post is about getting excited, inspired.  The creative juices are flowing, thinking about the Next Big Thing.  I happened to spy the announcement for another blog hop over at Sew WE Quilt
A blog hop for projects using Pom-Poms!  How fun is that?  Sweetie had the temerity to ask: do you make pom-poms?  Are you just itching to start making pom-poms?

Well... honestly... no.  BUT!

But... and this is where I go horribly astray.  This is where my uber creative brain--with its well-established talent for linking together disparate threads of ideas--takes over and reality takes its leave. 

Here's the thinking process: I have this partially-completed wallhanging with words

The top is mostly done piecing (picture above is without borders).  You can see it's missing the direct object of the phrase: how do I feel about... what, exactly?  Well, that part was meant to be interchangeable.  Could be pom-poms, ya know? 

However, I also want to add lots of quirky details to the basic wallhanging.  I have already purchased grommets and giant ric-rac.  Why not add pom-poms to the mix?

So, that's the justification for considering entering another blog hop: move an unfinished project along toward being done.  (As Sweetie said, "You can rationalize anything, can't you?")

At this point, referencing the title of this post: Talk me out of it, I must quote from this week's horoscope (courtesy of Rob Brezny at Free Will Astrology)

"The German word verschlimmbesserung refers to an attempted improvement that actually makes things worse.  Be on guard against this, Aquarius.  I fear that as you tinker, you may try too hard.  I'm worried you'll be led astray by neurotic perfectionism.  To make sure that your enhancements and enrichments will indeed be successful, keep these guidelines in mind: 1. Think about how to make things work better, not how to make things look better. 2. Be humble and relaxed.  Don't worry about saving face and don't overwork yourself. 3. Forget about short-term fixes; serve long-range goals."
Well, there you have it.  I don't always listen to my horoscope.  It doesn't always apply to me.  But really: "led astray by neurotic perfectionism"? He was clearly speaking directly to me.  Darn.

It sounded like such a good blog hop, too!

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