Saturday, March 2, 2013

Project Report for February

A super-busy month.  Lots happening at school and at home.  Not so much happening in the sewing room, but little bits of progress add up over time.

Finished this month:  queen-size stack-n-whack quilt.  I crowed and showed off already about this finish--anything that has been over a year to completion deserves that, in my world.

Nancy Drew by Moda
Started this month:  two pairs of fleece pants and mystery project for "Nancy Drew is a Clue" blog hop.  I posted to the NewFO linky party about my guilt-free beginnings.  (Of course, I can say they're pretty guilt-free because I fully intend to complete them all in March.)

Completed projects this Month:  1
Completed projects Year to Date:  3
New projects this Month:  3
New projects Year to Date: 3
Discarded/donated projects (farewell!): 0
Net Project Count for 2012: 0

I feel like setting some goals for the next month.  Gonna go ahead and link up with the Year of Lovely Finishes and see how it turns out.

Of course, I have the hardest time setting a goal of getting only ONE item finished.  My goals are always so much more *aspirational* than realistic.

1.  Gotta finish the Nancy Drew item (there's a blog-hop audience waiting to see it, after all).

 2.  Want to zip through the fleece pants that are all stitched up except for their respective waistbands and hems.

3.  Buck-a-block BOTM will get finished by March 16th.

4.  Barnyard play quilt will have a tree embellishment all stitched together (by March 16th also).

5.  And my "official" finish for March will be to complete machine quilting on the navy/turquoise baby quilt made out of last year's Buck-a-block creations.
I'm still learning on the machine quilting, so this feels like a stretch of my abilities, but I have enjoyed the outline quilting done so far around the cornerstone stars.  Spring Break happens at the end of March--that could give me the larger blocks of time I seem to need for machine quilting.

Wish me luck!

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