Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The itch

Having made significant progress on the quilt for my bed (second large project this year!), I am off into day-dreaming about the next quilt.  I have the itch: something new, something shiny, something to stroke my tender ego and make my creative juices sing.

Three main quilt project ideas are pitter-pattering around.  They each have an intended recipient, and I am excited about each possibility.

Number 1: Quilt for my son's bed.  The daughters each have gotten a quilt, but son has not.  He has a black-and-white duvet cover that he loves, and seemed excited about this pattern when I showed it to him.  I would like to feature Asian prints in either the white or black-and-red areas.
The pattern is from a block-a-day quilt calendar from Debby Kratovil.
Fascinating that this design is based entirely on a single block, delectable mountains, in 10" finished size.

Number 2: Queen-size quilt for youngest daughter's bed.  She has graduated away from twin-size, meaning the quilt I made her years ago is too small.  She actually asked me to make her a new quilt, knowing it might take three years to see the finished product.
Star Crazy, designed by Lynn Lister
This photo (that I found in McCall's Quilting magazine, September/October 2008) is what she has in mind: something scrappy, made with variations on the same block.  Notice how the exact same block can look so different when the colors and values change.  It keeps your eye moving over the entire quilt.  Wonder what colors she has in mind; I don't happen to love this Thimbleberries palette at all.

Number 3: T-shirt quilt.  Sweetie confessed this summer that she has no need to actually make the t-shirt quilt we have been prepping.  So I am free to finish it!  The shirts are stabilized and one accent fabric has been chosen.  It's blue. 
I have this book, which has awesome ideas in it for quilts that are more than the simple-bordered-matrix style.  And, since I am one who loves to complicate just about any fabric project, this seems up my alley.  I had such a hard time keeping my hands off when Sweetie was musing about what she would do with her college t-shirts--"Oh, what about the numbers off some of your old jerseys?"  "Don't you need your college mascot in here somewhere?"  "How about unifying the colors in some way?"  Now that I can dream about it, oh the fantasies that come to mind...

Which project?  Have I completed "enough" from the WIP/UFO pile to start a new project like this?  Or will I just happily day-dream my way through the fall, as I work on completing some older, smaller projects?

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