Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visible progress on stack-n-whack

Adding sawtooth borders in little bits
I started a stack-n-whack quilt for my own bed a couple years ago.  Have been working on it in fits and starts, as is perfectly normal for me.  It was one of the projects I was intending to work on at January's quilting retreat, but I got excited about the 1930's reproduction quilt instead.

Well, with one big quilt finished, I got excited about working on the stack-n-whack again.  So I've been working away, little pieces at a time. But the bigger it gets, the longer each "little piece" takes.  I set aside an afternoon last week to sew and make some visible progress.

Everything always takes me longer than I expect.  There are five vertical strips that are now sewn together into approximately 80" wide by 83" tall.  Each vertical seam took me about 30 minutes to sew.  Is that unreasonably long?  If you figure that, with all the triangles in this quilt, I was matching points about every 3" along the 83" seam, it doesn't seem so terribly unreasonable.
Detail of seam - with all those points to match

So here it is: ready for a couple more borders.  We'll just have to see how complicated I make those borders.  I feel like flying geese might make an appearance...

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