Monday, August 20, 2012

Buck-a-block: month 12 (already?)

When I arrived at buck-a-block, there was no new block posted.  Instead, a quilt top had been fashioned from 12 blocks.  OMG, are we already done?  I didn't know we had made all the blocks.

Turns out, we had only made 11 blocks, but I looked carefully at each one, and I was sure I remembered making them all.  So what was I missing?

Well, sneaky quilt shop, they decided that month 12 would be a repeat of April's block, Cups and Saucers.
Here is the pattern sheet.  But if you recall, this block can be made so many different ways.  I photographed ten possible combinations in a blog post in MayTwo versions are in the finished quilt top above: second row center block, and bottom right corner block.  One of those versions has the center block made from a different fabric than the outside corners, so that adds another calculation to the math in my Quilter's Choice posting (for those keeping count, we're up to 64 variations so far).

But then Kennette, using a mini design board, showed us even more variations.
I hadn't thought of turning the flying geese units so they are going around the block.  This adds so many more possibilities--maybe 8?  (I don't think I want to continue the math further on this.  We're already up to 64-times-8: 512 possible block variations.  Or so...)


Well, if we're making block 12 this month, that must mean I have six blocks completed in one colorway.  Time to start thinking about setting things together into a baby quilt!
Here they are: six blocks in navy and turquoise, with a star theme and a clouds-on-cream background fabric by Thimbleberries.  I kinda like the star (Ohio Star? not quite sure) used as cornerstones in the finished top above, but I'm not sure, as the pop-of-color red might be part of what makes it attractive to me.  And if I'm wanting to stick with blues, what sort of *pop-of-color* might that imply?  I have a "baby quilt" size piece of batting, so I'm size-restricted to about 36" by 48" if I want to use that.  Which further restricts my creativity.  Or not.

And, six blocks in one colorway means there are 5 blocks awaiting a final playmate!  Baby quilt number two is close at hand.
 This helps me think about fabric choices for the endless-choice 12th month block.  It looks like red would be the better choice for the center and corners, leaving black alone (or black-and-pink) for the flying geese.  I'm liking the geese flying around the center block formation (shown in blue & yellow in a previous photo), but who knows what will be the final outcome.

Oh my gosh!!!  So excited about this new thinking on Buck-a-block.  I have two WIPs to start day-dreaming about.

P.S. to Cassie and Rhonda: I signed up for next year's Buck-a-block already!  (I like the direction they are going with more individual color choices at the end.  A no-brainer given my eschewing of most of this year's fabrics.)

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