Thursday, August 23, 2012

Irony in ADD-land

I love me some irony.  First, you have to read the cartoon, then I can share the ironic story.
Stone Soup, by Jan Eliot
Ha-ha, someone besides me succumbs to the ADD tendency to get totally sidetracked and forget the point of going on the computer in the first place.  (It's why I don't open Facebook very often.  Just nod, you know what I mean.)

I found this comic when I was going through a stack of papers in my classroom.  It was in with several other comics, so I assumed there were things in the pile that I had wanted to save for classroom use (mostly nerdy math stuff, especially the fabulous Foxtrot).  I liked this one well enough to share with students (I publicly discuss my ADD issues), so I walked across the classroom to get scissors to cut it out.

Over at my desk, I noticed the top was off my teacup, so I replaced it.  I was thirsty for more than tea, so I poured myself some water.  I changed the station on the radio, as the npr program I was listening to had ended.  And I walked back across the classroom to finish sorting that pile of papers...

...only to realize I had gotten sidetracked and forgotten to get the scissors to cut out the cartoon that makes fun of people who get easily sidetracked.

Ah, me.

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