Saturday, August 4, 2012

No County Fair for me

I have been using the County Fair as a deadline for finishing a sewing project for years and years.  But alas, not this year.  The timing just wasn't right, even though I had a new quilt all ready to enter.

And, along with letting go of the dream of this year's County Fair, I am letting go of yet another UFO.
Here she is: a porcelain doll that once belonged to my oldest daughter, but who I corralled to make costumes for.  I completed an old-fashioned white nurse's outfit, and began work on an Elizabethan gown (shown in the picture).  The top is completed, beaded, golden-ribbon-cris-crossed, and accented with a string of "pearls".  The skirt is similarly embellished with leather bows and lace at the hem.  The only problem is the waistband--which didn't fit the doll, so I ripped it out.  So close to being done.  So much tiny hand work went into this outfit. (Can you see why I wanted to enter it into the fair?)  But so *not* what I want to work on.  Can't even imagine a willing recipient for the completed doll-with-outfits.

Gotta let her go.  She is the epitome of UFO-ness: lots of work already done, not that much more to do, but no love left for the act of finishing this project.  Thank goodness there's a quilter's yard sale coming up!  I have hope that she will find a happy home elsewhere.  Farewell, sweet maiden.

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