Sunday, August 19, 2012

July buck-a-block complete

Wouldn't you know, on the day our monthly block is due, there I am still a-sewin away.  But I got it done.
Here are the two colors I was auditioning (mere hours before the scheduled unveiling!) for the "frame" portion of the block.
Choice 1: light, powdery blue. It lets turquoise be the star.
Choice 2: darker, navy blue.  More powerful contrast in the block.

I went with the darker choice, after glancing at the other blocks I have made in this colorway to see if I could figure out which configuration "fit" better with the others.
Ta-da!  I really like how it turned out.  Not too bad on the "matching points" skill, but I did have to re-do two seams that weren't close enough--the turquoise half-square triangles had a hard time meeting up with the turquoise squares and the lighter blue accent trapezoids (which were actually sewn as folded corners--a la flying geese--on both ends of lighter blue accent rectangles--very clever construction).

Quick comparison of this block, Silver Lane, with Four Winds, the January block pattern.  I saw similar "tulip" shapes between them.
Don't know why, but I find that shape very appealing.  That and the pinwheels...  Done for this month.

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