Friday, August 24, 2012

_Time_ Management?

Project Runway.  Big fan.  Every season.  (Even when the judges seem to be out of their minds with whose design is a standout.)  So, today's "AHA!" moment comes courtesy of episode 4 of season 10.  (I am a couple weeks behind with my dvr watching.)

Tim Gunn: "You need to really nail--soon--what it is you want to do."
Raul:  "I think my biggest problem is time management.  It's very hard because I keep getting all these ideas and then I end up going in multiple directions."

Ah, Raul, you said it so well.  Except the problem isn't really managing the time, it's managing the ideas, and focusing the actions that flow from those ideas.  We all have the same amount of time to work in.  I just struggle with focus--I could make so much more progress on Plan A, if I didn't keep second guessing myself, backtracking to re-plan, or staging tiny forays into Plans B, C and D "just in case" or "because they were calling to me".

Wasn't I reading a book on this topic recently?  Oh yeah, Eat That Frog.  Well, I guess I'm still learning the lessons of focus.  Always.

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