Thursday, December 29, 2011

WIP: 1930s reproduction

Worked a bit on the 1930s reproduction challenge blocks I received last January.  In order to calm my sense of overwhelm, I chose two blocks to focus on first.

The blue/red block that I had already disassembled and remade part of into a pinwheel.

So darn *cute* when put with other more pastel-y prints into a Card Trick block.  Now there are two Card Trick blocks in the group of 21.

Rail Fence block that was not quite big enough.  This was harder to expand than it might seem.  I considered putting a border on it, but it would have been a very narrow border.  I thought to just add another stripe in each direction, but there ended up being an awkward hole in the middle.

Much fiddling and trickiness is hidden in this finished product.  Not quite as cute as the original--I feel like something got lost in the translation.  Anyway, the colors will flow with the rest of the quilt and this block will blend in nicely.

Next up, one block that seemed out-of-place...
I have ideas.

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