Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hoarders: TV as motivator

As I have been decluttering and sewing recently, the TV was keeping me company.  Mostly it was just background noise, but some poignant points came through.

There was a Hoarders marathon on TLC, so I watched several episodes of that.  I heard one hoarder say out loud something that has gone through my head: "this fabric was over $20 a yard".  Well, she said it about her brocade fabric collection, but I had exactly the same internal discussion about a pair of pearl earrings.  I don't wear them.  Haven't worn them in years.  Can't imagine my daughters wearing them.  But they cost $50 (a large sum for earrings, in my world).  So, how could I part with them?

No, a single pair of earrings won't overflow my house.  But holding onto items that no longer have any usefulness to me just because they are "worth $xxx" is not a good reason to cling to things.

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