Saturday, December 24, 2011

December BOTM done

A week of random sewing--no more than 2 hours a day--and I have completed this month's BOTM.  I couldn't pick a single color theme, and I liked the block so much, I made two of them.

Pink, red and black.  (The flash on the camera was misbehaving... it's cuter in person.)

Dark blue & turquoise.  I would ask which block you prefer, but the color on the two photos does not allow a fair comparison.  I actually think I like the pink/red/black better, which is surprising because I am loving the completed blue blocks.  I now have three in one color scheme and two in the other.  It feels like I have accomplished something!

A pleasant Christmas eve.  Now I won't be scrambling to finish in time for next month's pattern.

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