Saturday, December 24, 2011

The clutter corner beckons

I have had to move the boxes in the corner of the sewing cave three times in the past week.  Each time, the thing I was looking for was in the bottom-most box farthest in the corner (of course).  I take this as a sign that this stack of boxes needs tending to.

Even though FlyLady doesn't recommend trying to "rescue"a room in one sitting (the resulting burnout might leave you with a half-completed job, or no energy for the long haul of decluttering), the day after Christmas seemed like the appropriate time to at least delve into that corner.

Goal for the day was to eliminate two of the boxes or bins in that corner.  Not sure if I actually accomplished that or not, but things *feel* better in the sewing cave.

The entire stack in the corner is boxes of "memorabilia" that had been located in various places.  I need to get some bins and separate out things that belong to each of the children (who are all now adults), so the stuff can be stored in the garage.  That stack seems like it could disappear this week: I don't need to make multiple decisions on what to keep, so it should be relatively easy to just divide up the spoils.

So much more exciting to me is that I put things onto the shelves right next to that corner.  I removed things that were taking up space but had no reason to be stored there (the inaccessible printer, a fire safe, wrapped-up nick-knacks, unused picture frames). I put file crates from the floor onto the shelves.  I hope to empty out the red milk crate so I have room to bring my serger in from the garage.  It's an inspiring start.

The small shelf unit that used to be in the corner (but was totally hidden, and completely empty) is now on the other side of the room, holding clear plastic shoe-boxes of quilting scraps and fat quarters.  The top 2 shelves just fit drawer organizers from Ikea, so I'm using them like drawers for smaller sewing items.

Behold!  Useful things stored on shelves!  I feel like I just invented the wheel...

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