Monday, December 5, 2011

Buck-a-block: month 3

Finally got around to playing with the fabrics for the latest buck-a-block.  Naturally, I didn't care for the combination of blue-and-red that was provided in the kit.
Even the blue on the bottom right didn't suit me: too much orange in it.  The pattern is "Old Windmill" from The Farmer's Wife.  The picture shows red pinwheels in the center, and blue half-pinwheels along the edges.  Not convinced I will stick with that (especially since I won't use red), but pinwheels are easy to maneuver as the block is being constructed.  Room for creativity!

To match my previous blue block, I looked for brighter turquoise shades to complement the navy.  Also went back to the clouds-on-ivory for my background print.  Very pleased with the undersea print--can't wait to get started sewing it all together.

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