Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'

Turned over the page on my quilt calendar at work: and I'm smitten with this month's project.  A poinsettia quilt.  How cute!

Okay, not only am I enamored with the design (which looks very easy - squares and triangles), I started dreaming about fabric choices.  Not that I'm addicted to new projects or anything... Hey, there's just under 3 weeks left until Christmas, I could start making this now, right?

I'd love to have this design in a tablecloth.  Only I can't decide whether I would want only one wreath centered on the table, or 4 wreaths with the bow sashing in between (I have a very large square table).  And do I like the cream background?  Or would white be better?  Or a subtle print, to hide any eventual food stains?

Why am I spending mental energy on this non-starter of a project?  I don't have time.  I have several other half-finished Christmas-themed projects laying neglected in dusty corners (2 Santa dolls in a paper bag in the garage, for one).  I'm not planning on completing any of them, either.

Oh, the allure of the new, the shiny, the untried-but-very-achievable project!  They wink at me, these patterns and designs.  They call out to me, "Hey Baby, you know you want some of this."  Tragic how I will so readily give this new thing time and energy, ignoring my WIPs and UFOs.

Well, no harm in looking, I say.

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