Friday, May 9, 2014

Things I'll Never Do

Wedding table decor in progress
I love my sister.  She's a creative sort, like I am, and we are starting to put our heads together for crafty decorations for the wedding.

Since she doesn't have ADD, she participates in the Pinterest community.  (I know better.  I know that Pinterest only overwhelms me and leaves me feeling weak and winded.)

Her new discovery: Pinterest allows you to have more boards than it used to!

How she plans to use the bounty of boards to pin to: add a board for Things I'll Never Do

Reminds me of a card I got one time...

Also reminds me of the wild ideas label for some of my blog posts:
"I saw this cool thing"

"I have this idea for a way to combine these two/three/fourteen ideas into a project"

Most recent incarnation of a wild idea...

while running this race

No, I didn't stop running to take his picture; different worm here.

I saw a worm in a puddle

I thought about a children's story that featured a worm in a puddle (there's a scene in Ramona The Pest where she makes a worm into a ring for her finger; but that's not the scene that first came to mind)

I thought about a sewing technique involving putting items behind clear plastic in an "I spy" fashion

blogged about this idea here

Voila!  A wild idea is born: turn that children's story into a cloth book, and feature a "worm in a puddle" picture on one page where the worm is under clear plastic.

Yeah, not gonna do that anytime soon.  So here is my parking lot:
fun to look at, maybe even fun to think about, but probably not ever going to actually do this

See, Sis?  I have my own version of your Pinterest Board right here on my blog.

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