Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Distractions Deflected

So... it's spring.  It's sunny out (more than it usually is in Oregon).  I am super-busy; have the endless ToDo list on full throttle.  Whew!

What's a poor ADD-afflicted brain to do?  Why, procrastinate by going off on flights of fancy, of course!
I vote wide-legged...

Sewing garments!  Yeah, that's a great plan (oh wait, where have I heard that plan before).  The ongoing sewing challenges listing over at Modern Vintage Cupcakes lists an indie pattern challenge for the month of June.  Hey, let me go look at some indie patterns... 

Gosh, I want to make pants (got several lengths of appropriate-weight fabric in my stash).  Wide-legged trousers (Maria Denmark patterns Winnie wide-leg) or straight-legged jeans style (Named patterns Alpi Chinos)?

Oh, wait... an infinity dress!  Wow, that looks amazing.  Wonder if I could whip one up for my trip to Europe this summer?  

Mmm, scrap quilts!  My blue scrap bin overfloweth.  I've wanted to dig into it for some time now.  And the blogger's quilt festival that is happening NOW has a category for scrap quilts.  Maybe I'll just take a short break and check out some of the designs there...

Rainbow-colored and flying-geese-adorned.  What's not to love about this quilt, from Quilting is More Fun than Housework?  (Seriously, you should click on the link just to see it.)

I actually succumbed to pawing through my blue scraps for a tiny bit of time.  How could I not?  I was so enamored of the quilt with the flying geese!  I just had to start making it: RIGHT. NOW.
Fortunately for me, it looks like my scraps fit better into a string quilt-making format.  So I had to look again at a scrap quilt called String Theory, from Crafts, Cavies and Cooking.

Save Me!

All that process took me away from reality for about three days.  Oh, my mind was reeling with the possibilities.  I pulled out my wallet (twice) to buy pants patterns.  I was a-sewin' and a-cuttin' and whatnot--all in my mind, thank goodness.

What saved me from the flights of fancy?  Having  a list of sewing goals for the quarter (which doesn't end until July 1st).  I can add any of these crazy projects and ideas to my sewing ToDo... next quarter.  For now, I'm full up.

For once, having a ToDo list has been a good thing.  Reign in the wayward brain, says I.

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