Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back to Quilting

Been checking in on my goals for the quarter, just to see how I am doing.  A bit stalled in the past week, but ready to charge ahead: end of the school year is right around the corner.

Back to working on quilts!  Long-term projects that often have few landmarks.  No stressing out over "finished" when the timeframe is so long.

1.  Relaxing Robin

Ready to put the rays on the sun, piece a couple stars, and get that row attached to the top.

2.  T-shirt quilt

Just back from the long-arm quilter.  All it needs is a binding, and I've already auditioned fabric from my stash!

3.  Drama quilt

Does this say "Wizard of Oz" to you?

Limiting myself to only working on/thinking about a couple blocks at a time (who needs stress this time of year?)  Some paper-piecing and an applique mustache are first on the list.

4.  Barnyard play quilt

I think I need a hand-sewing project, as I've found myself wanting to hole up in the sewing room when it was more appropriate for me to be quietly stitching out with the family.  So, back to the Big Stitch quilting on this longer-term WIP.

Three weeks until school's out: this list ought to hold me.

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