Monday, May 12, 2014

Relaxing Robin: Supersize

Finished off the April step for the Relaxing Robin quilt, and I must say that it is feeling LARGE.

56" wide by 68" tall (on temporary display in my classroom)

I think that means I only have one more border to add to the quilt!  (Going off of a suggested 72x90 twin size.)  My planned May step will only add a single row at the top, so I will have 3 more sides to tackle after that.

Received this full block-of-the-month pattern packet as a gift.  Planning to make the patchwork sun block, with a pink background and blue plaid stars.

Cute pattern!
Wish I had more yellow flannel...

Process confession: I don't love the way it is looking so far.  In fact, I rather dislike it.  Too loud.  Yuck.  Is there a way I can rescue this?

I will ask my stitch-n-bitch friends for opinions.  Sometimes it takes many hands to make a quilt.

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