Saturday, January 18, 2014

Garment Sewing Plan

Ok, we are more than halfway through the month of January.  New year, new me, new sewing goals: buy no new fabric (Fabriholics Anonymous challenge); work on UFOs/WIPs; and clear out my stash by either gifting or sewing with existing fabric. (Can I reduce my monumental stash by 100 yards?  There is a 100 yard Dash from your stash listing over at title alone inspired me to at least keep track.)

So how is the garment sewing going?  Umm... well... You see, it's like this...

I decided I needed to join in with a like-minded group.  Kat, over at Modern Vintage Cupcakes, has a roundup of tons of sewing challenges.  Why not let someone else have a say in my garment-sewing endeavor?  I have a hard time narrowing my focus and deciding on the next thing to work on.  Plus, joining a challenge lets me be part of a community of sewists working toward a common goal.  I thought this would be the motivation I needed.

All set to go with the New Year = New Skill listing (from The Monthly Stitch) for January.  Who doesn't love learning new skills?  My new skill was going to be: sew a coat.  I have pattern, lovely wool fabric, lining and notions.
Vogue 1614: Vogue's Basic Design
Then I got worried.  How will I learn the things I need to successfully sew a coat?  I don't want to mess up this expensive fabric (regardless of the fact that I've had it in my stash for probably 10 years).  So off to the library to study up on this new skill.

Have I mentioned my inability to narrow down choices?

Four books later, I'm still studying up.  (Plan.  Plan some more.  Daydream.  Keep planning...)

Meanwhile, an offhand comment from Sweetie about how much she hates her current bathrobe, and I am off in a different direction.  Wish I could say I whipped that baby out, but it's going more slowly than I would have liked. 

Technicolor bathrobe: it's flannel!

Hope I can finish something garment-ish in the month of January.  Then I can at least say I am "participating" in the Make a Garment a Month ongoing challenge.

I am so inspired by the posts of people who finish things.  I wanna be like that!

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