Monday, April 28, 2014

Fabriholic: Compromises

I bought fabric this month.  Even though it might be in the "exceptions" category--meaning that I haven't technically fallen off of the fabric fast--I have felt guilty about it ever since.

Here's what I bought:
10 yards white tulle
6 yards aqua opalescent sheer
4 1/2 yards aqua satin

Notice a theme?  Wedding!  Less than 3 months to the big event, and we are DIY-ing the decorations.

So here's the bargain I struck with myself immediately upon returning from JoAnn's with specialty fabrics in tow:

1)  Offer up a stashed fabric to continue the wedding decoration theme.

Here it is--a fun and whimsical dot from Moda that has been in my stash for many years.  It will become a table runner on the dessert table (a RAINBOW themed cake; could you have guessed?)  And after the wedding, I might make cloth napkins from it.  Win-win!

2)   Look for an excuse to use another stashed fabric.  Quickly.


Done!  I jumped right into making a yoga mat carrying bag for Sweetie, using both stashed fabric and on-hand notions.  Win.

3)  And then there were the scraps of free fabric that I found at the dog groomer's.  Here is the discussion that happened when I got home with my mini-score:

ME:  Look what I found!

SWEETIE (aka MY CONSCIENCE):  Nice.  You gonna report that to the Fabriholics Police?

ME:  But it was free.

CONSCIENCE:  Is it for a project?

ME:  Well no... but it's just tiny scraps.

CONSCIENCE:  Unless it is for an actual project, you are just collecting fabric to collect fabric.

ME:  <sad face; pouty lower lip>  But...

CONSCIENCE:  Or you could just go and return it.

Scraps of dark green, bright green print, modern-looking plaid with stylized daisies, and dainty pastel.

Larger scraps of very light mottled pink/tan.

The punch line?  Sweetie said I didn't need to report the final scrap: a novelty football print.

*Sigh.*  Boys.

Linking up with the Fabriholics Anonymous check-in for April.  I don't feel bad at all about this month.  I am doing the best I can, and my fabric choices have been more thoughtful and focused than at any time in the recent past.


  1. Free fabric always goes unreported. :) You never know when you'll need it.

  2. I think you've done great! Free fabric doesn't count. And nor does wedding fabric!

  3. Great Job! I love the unreported fabrics, no calories!

  4. Free fabric! At the dog groomers! Fabriholics police! What a hoot!