Sunday, April 27, 2014

Know Your Satin

Ah, the joys of working with difficult fabrics.  One satin in particular has given me fits.

This satin, my test fabric for Oakie's bow-tie, was actually a dream to sew with.  Surprisingly.  Made me forget how other satins might behave.

And then there's the other satin.  Oakie's choice, of course. 

First attempt at turning the bow-tie resulted in shreds.  Darn. 


Second attempt had the stiletto poking through the end of the tie and leaving unsightly holes.  Double-darn.

Imperfect finished product.  Oh, wait... it's finished!

But I persevered.

"Ready for my close-up"

Reminded myself multiple times that I am sewing an outfit for a stuffed penguin.  Have to say it out loud just to keep the perfectionist voices from taking over.

And I finished: bow-tie, tuxedo pant, and cummerbund.  This boy is ready for the wedding in July.

So stylish. 

And, as I've heard tell before: Done is Beautiful!

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