Monday, June 24, 2013

Plans for the County Fair

Stack-n-whack quilt, finished in Feb 2013
Time to put in reservations for what I will enter in this year's County Fair.  Fair is earlier than usual
(July rather than August), leaving me less time for those last-minute projects that I always find myself drawn to.  What's a major procrastinator to do?

Want to be realistic in what can actually get done in time for the entries to be delivered: 3 weeks.  And while I feel like most of my items are done, they are not really done done.  Which makes the idea of starting something new, even a simple new item, a little off the table, realistic-wise.

Baby quilt, in the midst of machine quilting

The list:

  • Two quilts - stack-n-whack and 1930's reproduction (done, but... both need to have a hanging sleeve added for the fair's requirements)
  • Baby quilt - sampler from last year's buck-a-block, I am in the midst of doing the machine-quilting myself (but haven't touched it since March)
  • Santa figurine - his outfit was finished in January, but I really want to give him the accessories that will mark this project as "complete" (sack of toys and holiday banner)
  • Nancy Drew puzzle block - this blog-hop project from back in March wasn't finished at the time I blogged about it... and it's still not finished (hand sewing, not really my thing)
  • Oakie wardrobe - Oakie the travel penguin had a whole host of outfits completed for last summer's Alaska cruise; of course, I want to add another item or two before fair time (what is wrong with me?)

Oakie in his raincoat

And, on the aspirational list: any recycled item.  This was the category of my robe-and-slippers tote bag from two years ago.  I have two possible projects in this category, but I really should just shelve the whole idea of starting anything new (even if "new" means to recycle another item) in time for this year's fair.  Right?

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