Thursday, July 12, 2012

Done. 1930s reproduction

With my general timeline of 3 years for finishing a quilt, I don't get to post about DONE very often.  So, I am elated to share pictures of the very-completed-as-in-done-done 1930s reproduction quilt.
Once upon a time (January 2011), I entered 3 blocks in a block challenge (requirement: 12" finished block using 1930s reproduction fabrics) at the Something to Crow About quilt camp/retreat.  I won 21 blocks (including my 3).  The expectation is that the block challenge winner will bring her completed quilt to the following year's retreat.  (Hey, it could happen.  For some quilters.)

the blocks are so varied, just can't show them all
I made three additional blocks, and reworked some of the blocks that just didn't play well with the others--but I didn't end up leaving anyone's block totally out of the quilt.  This project ended up being the sole focus of my time at this year's (January) retreat.  I left retreat with the 24 blocks sashed into a 4-by-6 grid, featuring 8 blocks in the center with white backgrounds and lots of negative space.  The quilt needed to be wider, so I made piano-key scrappy borders for each side.

When a quilter had put her name on the back of her block, I wrote it on the front.  I just felt so honored to have such lovely and talented ladies sharing their handiwork with me.
blocks by Adrienne (left) and Dianne (right)

I don't do my own quilting, so I sent the quilt away to Quiltmasters for June to work magic with her longarm machine.  We chose a pattern called "flutterby", because people who saw the quilt in its many stages always commented on the 2 butterfly blocks, which I made sure to place close together.

 My favorite block is the label, which was my very first attempt at paper piecing.  I reworked a block that had just the lavender shapes on a cream background, keeping the original shapes fully intact.  I think it was masterful, and adore both the star effect and the blue alphabet border on the block.

This quilt will be one of my County Fair entries this year.  I'm surprised it is actually done in time.

And now, I'm itching to get back to the stack-n-whack quilt I started making for my own bed--started making it before I won these 1930s blocks.  Gotta get back to it: there's excitement flowing through my veins that I want to take advantage of.

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