Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Buck-a-Block May & June patterns

Well, time has certainly flown by while I was attending to other details!  Missed mid-month meetings of buck-a-block in both May and June (which means my block patterns were not just a buck; oh well).

May pattern is "Eight Hands Around"  from Judy Hopkins' book 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks (That Patchwork Place).  I'm rather fond of the star-within-a-star detail.

The shop sample shows a suggested border that creates an on-point box appearance.  I just think all the border ideas are so clever!  They perfectly complement each block.  But... I can't really envision the finished product: what will all these disparate elements look like when assembled into a quilt? 
May pattern "8 hands around" - with a border

June pattern is called "Summer Winds" (same source: Judy Hopkins).  I like the corners of the suggested border better than the corners of the block; maybe I'll make a change to this pattern.  So far, I've followed the patterns and fabrics exactly--so not my style. I am much more known for inserting my wild creativity in any given project.  Just shows how little I am invested in this project: I still don't have any idea what all these blocks will become when they grow up into a... a... who knows what?

I now have 3 months worth of patterns and fabric to sew up (didn't even cut into April, since I knew I would be missing the May meeting).  Due date is July 20.  Let's get a-sewin', see if I can get back to paying just a buck for each of the remaining blocks.

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