Friday, June 21, 2013

You are not behind

A quote from Flylady (organizing and decluttering guru extraordinaire):
"You are not behind.  Just jump in where you are." 
I need this reminder.  My house somehow got cluttered and untidy during the spring (what a whirlwind spring it was).  I feel an urgent need to get it all straightened up at once, and yet I know that is a recipe for disaster (or burn-out).
 Just one example of the many piles that have formed around my house.  This one is in my sewing room, and flaunts the reminder sign hanging nearby, which gives me Peter Walsh's rules for maintaining a clutter-free space.

Rule 1?  Keep flat surfaces clear.  (Oops.  Fail.)

Ok, deep breaths.  Set your timer for 15-minute increments, and just jump in.  After all, I am not behind...

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