Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Classroom declutter update

I've been working steadily in my classroom, a few hours a day. It seems a little embarrassing--both that I have so much paperwork buildup, and that it is taking me so long to clear it out.  But I am choosing to celebrate the fact that I'm doing something about it

The focus of the decluttering for the past week has been my statistics materials.  I taught AP statistics for 5 years, then switched over to teaching a dual-credit (high school and community college) version of the class for the past 3 years.  I have full sets of handouts, tests, notes, and homework for each course.  There is some overlap, but I never really integrated the old into the new.

Before.  All this is stats-related.  The goal was to get everything down to one bin and two binders.  I can hardly believe I have so much stats material.

After.  Two bins (one of the binders is tucked into the back of the right-hand bin).  I'm saving quite a bit of the older AP materials, but maybe I should re-think this after one more year.  A more-organized year, to be sure.

And, of course, all the excess materials have to go somewhere.  Newly emptied-out file folders on the left, recycle bin on the right.

Oh my, does this feel good!

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