Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Calendar update: 4 days until garage sale

Talking with our neighbor, we discovered that there is to be a 3-family garage sale next door to us this weekend!  We had been discussing a potential date for a garage sale "later this summer", but this seemed too good to pass up.  So we got busy...

We had been putting things in "garage sale" boxes in the garage pretty much continuously since we moved back in October.  So it's not like this news (4 days until garage sale!) caused major panic in the how-do-we-decide-what-to-get-rid-of department.  It was just a matter of pricing things, cleaning things, and doing some preliminary organizing, so that when we go to put out the tables it will go more smoothly.

boxes piled in the living room: sorted & priced

As with other organizing in my life, most of the credit goes to Sweetie.  She pushes (gently), she gives me a "you're-really-going-to-keep-that" look, and she is right there doing the bulk of the work while I go into a standing coma at the mental energy it takes me to part with things.

boxes piled in the garage: sorted & priced
Wow, 2 days of sorting and we are ready.  I look forward to seeing what the garage will look like without all that stuff (especially the large furniture items, which have become their own island nation in the center of the garage).

I know my favorite organizing guru FlyLady doesn't believe in garage sales.  And I know, because of how the work of deciding to part with things, and then setting a fair/somewhat-objective price for them exhausts me, that I would be right there in FlyLady's camp.  But I also know that offering some of my stuff for sale has allowed me to part with things that are not enriching my life right now, even though I paid good money for them once upon a time.

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