Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oakie ready to set sail

The gals at stitch-n-bitch have been following my progress in giving Oakie a wardrobe for his travel adventures.  (It all started with him needing a raincoat--his spring break in London this year was mighty damp.)

We got to talking about Oakie's upcoming Alaska cruise, which prompted those who had been on Alaska cruises to share their stories.  (I'm getting so excited!)  And it came up that one of the first things you do on a cruise ship is to have a lifeboat drill...  Omigosh, that means Oakie needs a life vest!

Thank goodness for Sweetie.  She volunteered to make Oakie a life vest--out of some blaze orange canvas I just happen to have lying about.  She used the pattern for the sailor collar that I had already fitted to Oakie's measurements, and put in a front tie, intending to find some sort of waist belt once the vest was stuffed with fiberfill.

No waist belt needed, as it turns out.  Isn't he stunning?  So damn cute.  And ready for our shipboard adventure.  What a trooper.

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