Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Something borrowed, something new

Finally finished a pre-2012 project that had been hanging out for years.  Had fabrics, pattern, and article-to-repurpose.  Just never got around to working on it.  Part of the issue was with poor directions in the pattern: not quite sure what got cut out, or how exactly it was all to go together.  Plus, I knew I was making a knee-length dress, not some ankle-skimming lounge gown, and would need to alter things to make the colored skirt panels turn out right.

I knew it would get done eventually, because I *love* mixing fabrics.  My favorite jacket pattern calls for 6-8 different fabrics, and I have made it 3 times.  Also I'm a sucker for bags that use a variety of fabrics.  This project promised to use 4 coordinating fabrics, along with "a shirt" for the bodice.

Name of pattern: Something Borrowed, Something New (Indygo Junction)

Raw materials:
Denim jumper from my younger days.  Was too short for my aging body, and too tight in the thighs.
An assortment of rayon scraps: from a hippie wedding dress, from a flapper Halloween costume, from a dress I made one of my girls (size 6-8? way long ago), from a summer frock of similar little-girl vintage.

The result:
A denim jumper for summer, for me.  Yay.

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