Monday, May 21, 2012

Secret sewing: grandma's bedspread

Sweetie is gone for a few days, so I pulled out my secret sewing project.  (Really, it's not so secret; I just don't work on it when anyone else is around.  It's more of a size issue than anything else.)

I inherited 3 things from my grandmother when she passed away: a charm bracelet, a vintage floor lamp, and her bedspread.
The bedspread was floor-length, sort of a muslin background with embroidered flowers (daisies?) over the entire surface.  The flowers are about 2" across.

I decided to put batting and a backing on the bedspread, and cut it down to coverlet size.  I also decided to hand-quilt it, in big stitch meandering between the flowers, with perle cotton (I am using DMC size 8).  I have been working on it for going on two years (dragging it out every few months when I have room to leave it laying out for a few days at a time).
I have not been consistent about working on this.  Nor have I followed any sort of system for quilting: meander describes where the stitches go--but also where I move the hoop and put my needle in each time I rethread it.  But last night, after working for an hour while catching up on tv shows that were languishing on the dvr, I realized I am well over halfway done.  Wow!  Sense of accomplishment: slow and steady may yet complete this project.  Perhaps even in 2012!
Backing fabric is a soft yellow flannel.  I haven't chosen a binding yet.  Maybe I should start looking, just in case I come across something.

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